Welcome to Godavari Village Resort , Patan , Nepal

Godavari Village Resort

The festival only takes place every twelve years and visitors that are lucky enough to be in the area during this period should appreciate and enjoy every moment. The Royal Botanical Garden in Godavari attracts many local residents and visitors over the weekends.

The garden is an extravaganza of plants, trees, ferns, flowers and orchids. Most of the plants within the garden are marked, making recognition much easier. Godavari is also famous for its breathtaking butterflies, which can be seen gliding peacefully amongst the beauty and splendor of the garden.

Avid bird watchers can be spotted in the garden, patiently waiting to view some of the rare and unique birds. Another popular attraction in Godavari, is the Godavari Kunda, or Godavari Spring. It is a sacred and religious site that is absolutely fascinating. Gargoyles carved from stone will lead visitors to the tank of sacred water.


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